Hi. I am Lydia Schroeder. I am twelve years old And I have a twin sister named Eliza and two older brothers. (both in their twenties.) When I was born, I had a lot of problems with my left leg. I had a missing fibula, only four toes, missing knee ligaments, ankle problems, leg length discrepancies, and a very slowly growing leg. My sister, Eliza, doesn’t have my leg problems. This is my story.

My parents looked everywhere and most of the surgeons and doctors said the only choice was to amputate, But finally, they met doctor Dror Paley. He told us there was another way.  My first surgery was when I was 4 years old in 2008. It was a super ankle and an eight-plate installation. It was a year later when I had my first lengthening. During the operation, they cut the bone in half and put pencil-thick bars into the bone to hold it steady. every day for four months we turn a nob to pull the bone a millimeter apart and the bone fills in on its own. During those four months, I have to have physical therapy every day except weekends. After that, I wait another three – four months to allow the bone to solidify.